Choosing the Best Baby Toothpaste in India

Choosing the best baby toothpaste is very difficult task for parents. As parents, we will not settle for anything short of the best for our children. But how to select the best and safest toothpaste? A quick google search or a trip to the local supermarket or baby store will throw at you atleast half a dozen toothpaste choices for your doting daughter.  What are the factors to consider when choosing toothpastes. What are the ingredients to avoid in baby toothpastes and what are some recommended contents. We will look at all these factors in today’s post.

how to select the best and safe baby toothpaste

Best Baby Toothpaste Brands Available in India

In India, there are many popular baby toothpaste brands like Chicco Dentifricio Toothpaste Apple and Banana Flavour, Pigeon Strawberry Flavoured Children Toothpaste and Colgate kids toothpaste. There are many varieties of Pigeon toothpastes as well – the cheaper versions being sold in India actually contain the dangerous ingredient Sodium Laureth Sulfate.  These toothpastes are available in online baby stores as well.

Some of the not so well-known but niche brands of baby toothpastes are

Jack n Jill Natural Toothpaste

Jack n Jill organic toothpaste

Earth’s Best

earhs best organic toddler toothpaste


Bilka Kids Toothpaste. Organic & Edible



Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Baby Toothpaste Brand

A good baby toothpaste would need to have

  • A pleasant taste

    that is why many kids toothpastes come in yummy fruit flavours like banana, strawberry etc.

  • Attractive packaging

    Yes, as your baby is learning to brush and it may not necessarily be a pleasant activity at first, attractive packaging definitely helps in making your baby reach for that tube first thing in the morning!

  • Smooth and pleasant texture

    We may not give so much importance to it, but for a child, texture is really the key in ensuring that brushing teeth is seen as a positive activity. Besides, coarse toothpastes with granules or other particles like baking soda or charcoal have an abrasive effect on the delicate enamel of your baby. So make sure that the toothpaste you choose does not contain any of these.

  • Ingredients

    Though this should ideally be the single most important factor to consider, we have placed it third because, well…. that’s the parents’ pecking order! The toothpaste should have safe ingredients. Your baby will likely swallow the yummy toothpaste for the first few months, so what they put inside the paste is really important. It’s so important that we have an entire section dedicated to just this later in this article.

  • Price!

    Oh well, like most baby items you may have well discovered that even toothpastes come in all sorts of price ranges. The cheapest we have come across is Rs.  60 to the most expensive ones costing a whopping Rs. 2500 per tube. Yes, per tube, not per carton! Choose a brand that works with your budget. More expensive does not necessarily mean better. But at the same time, cheaper (especially at the very low end of the price range) definitely means a NO NO because it is bound to be full of harmful ingredients.

What are the ingredients to avoid in baby toothpaste

So this brings us to our favourite topic here at Nature Therapie – ingredients. We are sure like every discerning parent, you do make it a point to read thru the ingredient list carefully. We’d like to add – read it extra carefully. Watch out for the following commonly found ingredients which are very harmful to your baby. Babies swallow toothpastes. Every microgram of these toxins entering your baby’s body will land up in their blood stream and start accumulating in her liver.

SLS: Both Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and its cousin Sodium Laureth Sulfate are skin irritants and have been suspected to cause contact dermatitis. Its manufacture causes many volatile organic compounds which are known cancer causing agents or carcinogens into the environment. SLS is actually registered as an insecticide. Need we say more? You can read here for more info on the dangers of SLS.

Triclosan : Triclosan is commonly found in many antibacterial toothpastes and soaps. It is a known hormone disruptor and it messes with the thyroid functioning in the body. Believe it or not, research has found it to be responsible for sex changes in aquatic life! Not the kind of stuff we’d recommend in baby toothpastes!

Flouride: The main ingredient in toothpaste and rat poison.  Many people are probably aware that most toothpaste and many mouth rinses contain fluoride because that’s what dentists have recommended for years to prevent cavities. But did you know that most popular toothpastes contain enough fluoride to kill a small child within 2 to 4 hours?

Artificial Flavour: Lets face it, flavour forms an important factor in selecting a kids toothpaste. Like artificial color and sweetners, artificial flavours are also bad for the kids delicate bodies.

Artificial Colours: Practically all artificial colors are made from coal tar. So much so, that artificial colors are called coal tar colors. These should not even be part of soaps, leave alone toothpastes or foods. Do your kids a favour, avoid toothpastes which contain these ingredients.

Parabens: Commonly used as preservatives. Studies have shown that parabes have properties which make them micic the action of the hormone estrogen in the body. Such compounds are known as estrogenic compounds. This is neither good for baby girls nor boys! Studies have also linked parabens to tumor growth and breast cancers.

Here is an excellent article on whether toothpaste ingredients are safe or not as well as some recipes of home made toothpastes.

The Verdict: Best Baby Toothpaste Brands in India

Brand Price Range Is it a Safe Baby Toothpaste? Harmful Ingredients
Pigeon Indian                 125 Nope. We think not! Denatured Alcohol (yup!!), Parabens, Artificial Color
They definitely have synthetic flavour but somehow, it does not find mention in the ingredient list.
Pigeon Imported  250-300 Nope. We think not! Artificial Colour and Flavour
Colgate                    60 Nope. We think not! Artificial Flavour, Artificial Color, SLS
Chicco  250-300 Nope. We think not! Artificial Colour and Flavour
Oral B                 360 Nope. We think not! Contains artificial flavour and Flouride
Earths Best              1,100 Yes!  

None!! Yay!! Only Natural Ingredients

Jack n Jill              1,400 Yes!
Bilka Kids Toothpaste  750 Yes!

The winners that emerge after our comparison for the best baby toothpaste brands in India are Bilka Kids Toothpaste, Earth’s Best and Jack N Jill. Bilka is available for purchase on the Nature Therapie store right here in three attractive completely natural flavours – raspberry, grapefruit and tangarine. It is available at an affordable price without compromising on the ingredients.

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