Our Story

Our story begins where the discerning parent’s biggest predicament does – As parents, we want to choose the best, cleanest and the safest products for our babies. We want to keep them as far away from harmful toxic products as possible.

We invest days of research and reading reviews  to zero in on a product. Then when it arrives home, we spot some fine print hiding a nasty ingredient or two with serious hazards. The really clean and natural products are unaffordable and even have a significant waiting time after ordering as they have to come from abroad. Is our baby any less privileged, we wonder. Why can’t we find simple clean every day products ?

Nature Therapie was born as an answer to this quest.  We, at Nature Therapie have spent the last four years researching just that. How do we make simple products that work just as effectively as the ones you get off the supermarket shelf but come without hidden nasties? Imagine a laundry detergent that cleans clothes and does just that and leaves behind no fragrant hormone distributors lingering in your babies clothes.  Imagine vivid finger paints which your child can explore and learn with minus artificial colors and needless fragrances. We’ve researched for over four years, created,  tested, used and loved these really simple daily living essentials where we have put ingredients we as parents know to be  safe, natural and good for our own babies.

How nice it would be if every parent had access to such clean products and not be worried about getting trapped in marketing gimmicks?

Come, experience the Nature Therapie range. Let us do the worry and research while you indulge your baby.