cartoon print organic cotton diaper pad
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Cartoon Print Organic Cotton Diaper Pads



Highly absorbent

Eco friendly

Super soft natural feel

Cute Cartoon Prints


Product Description

These cartoon print organic cotton diaper pads are perfect accompaniments to your collection of reusable pocket diapers. They are made of super fine natural fiber.



Key Features of these organic cotton diaper pads
  • Super Soft on the skin
  • Natural Fiber which does not irritate the skin
  • Highly absorbent
  • Breathable
  • Machine Washable
  • Feel Dry Texture
  • Pure and untreated with any kind of bleaching or artificial optical brightners

These diaper pads are Softer, better at absorbing moisture and are more breathable. This ensures that moisture is quickly wicked away from your bundle of joy.

    • To maintain maximum absorption properties, avoid using liquid softener in the washing machine or dryer sheets in the dryer
    • For extra heavy stains, soak the inserts in a vinegar/baking soda/water mix for 24 hours prior to machine washing.

This listing is for ONE handmade three-layer, all natural reusable diaper liner/insert that can be used with your existing cloth diaper system to provide a layer of maximum overnight protection and absorption.   Each three-layer liner/insert is handmade from all natural 100% organic cotton that is gentle to your baby’s sensitive skin and easily washable for safe, hygienic, multiple use.   Each liner/insert is rectangular with oval edges to prevent chafing and provide maximum comfort for your bundle of joy.

Material: Organic cotton , 4 layer double gauze diapers (exemption fold type)

Size: 34* 14CM

Color: white with cute cartoon prints(Does not contain fluorescent agent and bleaching agents



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