Cumin Seeds (Jeera) whole

Cumin Seeds (Jeera) Whole 100% Pure


Weight: 200 gm

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Product Description

Cumin Seeds or Jeera (Cuminum cyminum) form an integral part of the Indian cuisine.  They help in digestion and have a carminative effect in the stomach. Cumin seeds are also known for their efficacy in treating common cold. Cumin is, infact a very popular traditional home remedy for a variety of baby ailments.

However, ordinary Cumin Seeds or Jeera seeds available in the market are often adulterated by coating with charcoal dust and aldehydes to artificially enhance flavour of old stock. Both these adulterants are very harmful to babies and adults alike.

With Nature Therapie, you can be assured of complete purity. We source produce from sources which respect earth friendly agricultural practices like organic farming and sustainable product handling. Be free from pesticides. Be free from artificial coloring matter. Be free from adulterants. Choose a healthy lifestyle with Nature Therapie.


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