We Believe

Nature Therapie Vision

  • To build a world that is safe for our children to explore, play and grow just how nature intended them to
  • To build a world where people, especially kids can safely eat any food they are offered, without fear of sickness from additives, pesticides or GMO
  • To give every home a choice of pristine naturally derived daily living essentials which are free from harmful chemicals
  • To provide the highest quality toxin free products which get the job done more effectively and minimal effort
  • To educate people about the importance of making healthier personal care choices for themselves and their families

Nature Therapie Values

Respect Respect the environment, intellect of the consumer, respect the well being of the future generation. Respect the earth.

Integrety: Create and endorse honest products where the consumer can buy with peace of mind that there are no undeclared ingredients, catches or gimmicks.

Knowledge : Knowledge is power. We believe in empowering the consumer with knowledge.

No Compromise Products : which are good at what they do and yet are environmentally friendly. No more having to choose between health and effectiveness.



How We Make Our Stuff

All Nature Therapie products contain natural and nature derived ingredients. Nature Therapie is convinced that natural products are better than their synthetic counterparts and produce better results in human health.
Nature Therapie products do not contain any harmful chemicals or synthetic preservatives like parabens, bronopol etc. Only natural goodness is put in so you get the safest daily use products for your home. We strive to provide products that contain safe and natural ingredients because they are better for our customers.
Non Toxic
Free from artificial foaming agents, optical brighteners, bulking agents, stabilizers….our products are truly non toxic. No gimmicks, no fine prints. Just plain natural, non toxic and safe ingredients go into our products. That’s what makes them special.
Highly Recommended
Built on a rock solid value system, Nature Therapie products are highly recommended for the environment conscious family. Our products are efficient and use lesser natural resources than their regular counterparts. Try a few! If we can’t make you fall in love with nature, nobody can!! That’s our guarantee.
Cruelty Free
All our exclusive products contain plant based ingredients. There are no animal origin compounds or substances in our products. We do not test our products on innocent animals either. Compassion to the planet goes hand in hand with love for all it’s creatures. That’s just how we work here at Nature Therapie!
Proudly Indian
All our exclusive products are proudly Made in India. We source a lot of raw material from local communities and farms providing them an impetus to grow stronger along with the blooming Indian economy.